Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Plantar Warts

warts-plantar-107Plantar warts grow on the bottom surface of the foot. They usually are found on the heel  and ball of the foot because this is where you put all the pressure when you walk. Because of the location where the plantar warts grow, they grown inward into the skin. Plantar warts grown into the deep layers of the skin because of this pressure. Sometimes the wart will spread. 

Normally warts go away in their own time. Plantars warts should be treated,  however, because of the intense pain that they cause you. The wart is an infection caused by a virus, that can be caught by anyone,  and it is often difficult to tell when the virus was first introduced.

Because plantar warts are caused by a virus, it can be spread. If you happen to have plantar warts be sure not to share clothing or blankets with someone to prevent spreading the wart to another person. Though plantar warts are non cancerous, you do want to treat them because they can be contagious.

There is no perfect treatment for plantar warts, but you can have them surgically removed or frozen off with liquid nitrogen or other chemicals. A good treatment would be Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away which is available without a prescription. There are other various wart treatment out there. The treatment you use depends on the location, size, and your type of skin.

No matter what treatment we use, sometimes these warts just won’t seem to go away. And sometimes while you are removing one wart, another one will pop up. The best thing to do is wait for it to be big enough to treat. These warts will bleed. Often the warts will even reappear after some time, and you should not be concerned, even though we know how aggravating these things are. You may just have to try a different method.

Treatments from a doctor can be expensive and are not 100% proven effective. In a nutshell, you just have to battle it out.